How Does Owning a Vineyard and Impacting the Wine Industry From the Inside, Sound?

Vineyard & Terroir Fund is a professional investor fund and currently fundraising.


Philippe Kalmbach, Simon Lurton and Thomas Lambert built a perfectly structured investment which has close ties with the best winemakers in the world and invests in the land they cultivate

I can clearly recall the day Philippe invited me to lunch and asked me a question that piqued my curiosity: did I think investors would be interested in impacting the wine industry ‘from the inside’? I already knew about Philippe’s passion and dedication as a wine collector and enthusiast. I knew him personally through his previous work with my family, and had long respected his career and admired the wine company he had previously founded, the Wine Source Fund.

Philippe explained his idea for a new fund – the Vineyard & Terroir Fund – which would be about more than just investing in wine. He envisioned this new fund as one focused on investments in the vineyards themselves, working closely alongside established and up-and-coming talents in the winemaking world, especially those exploring sustainable production methods to preserve the terroir for future generations.

Philippe explained that he wanted me to join his team. As part of a winemaking family, I have always sought ways to contribute to the preservation and appreciation of fine wines from France and beyond. Philippe’s new fund would offer me the opportunity to do so by guiding investments and building relationships with winemaker partners.I was particularly interested by the concept of becoming part-owners of multiple vineyards, which would then be placed under the management of established winemakers. In the course of my career, I have met many individuals who have either already invested, or are considering investing, in vineyard lands in order to diversify their portfolios. However, the process of making vineyards productive – finding and hiring a reliable team, and developing a brand –requires both time and experience, which many investors lack. By entrusting the land to industry professionals, however, the investor is able to guarantee that his parcel will produce high quality wines and the best possible valorisation.

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Vineyard & Terroir Fund is a professional investor fund and currently fundraising. Request information at:


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